Install SSL Certificate Microsoft IIS 8 and 8.5

Please note: Microsoft Windows Server 2016 needs an internet connection to check the validity of your certificate. If this check is not performed, the installation cannot be concluded properly.

Your SSL certificate will be sent to you by email. Save your certificate before you start the installation process.

The installation of your certificate is done entirely in IIS Manager.

Open IIS Manager, select your server from the Connections menu and select the menu option 'Server Certificates'. Go to the option 'Complete Certificate Request' in the Actions menu on the right side of the screen.

A new window will be opened. Select the correct certificate file. At the option 'Friendly Name', add a name to the certificate to allow for easier retrieval later. Next, click on 'OK'.

After the installation, the certificate will have been added to the Server Certificates list. Double-click on the certificate to view the details.

A new window will be opened. This will show all the details of your certificate, such as the common name, the validity, and by whom the certificate was issued. If the certificate was installed correctly, this window will also include the following message:

You have a private key that corresponds to this certificate.