Set up two-factor authentication

In order to use two-factor authentication on your Networking4all account, you need an application that can generate two-factor authentication codes. The app 'Google Authenticator' (for Android and Iphone) can be installed on your mobile phone for this purpose. Follow the steps on your phone to install the app. Keep your mobile phone nearby for the following steps.

Log into the Networking4all portal. Go to your Account and click on the tab 'Profile'. On the right side of the page, you will find the option 'Two-factor Authentication' under 'Authentication'. Turn on two-factor authentication. A QR code will appear on your screen.

Open the app you previously installed on your phone and press the red plus-icon. Choose the option 'Scan a barcode'. Your phone will now start up your camera: a red square will appear on your screen. Scan the QR code on your account page, making sure the entire code falls within the red square. The Networking4all portal has now been added to your app. Enter the six-digit code in the portal to activate your two-factor authentication.

Logging in

From this moment, any time you log in to the Networking4all portal, you will first be shown the login screen where you enter your username and password. After entering your credentials, you will be asked to enter a code. Open the app on your phone. Every thirty seconds, Google Authenticator automatically refreshes your code for you. Enter the code belonging to your Networking4all account in the field on the login screen.