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The GDPR has made an increasing number of organisations aware of the sensitive information they are sending and receiving via internal and external emails. Particularly the emails they are sending and receiving with external contacts pass several internet post offices where everyone with enough rights has complete insight in the contents of these unencrypted messages. Essentially, you could imagine that everyone is sending emails comparable to a letter in a transparent envelope or a postcard.

It has been possible since as early as 1996 to sign and encrypt emails digitally via special personal certificates (S/MIME). However, the extra costs and user unfriendly installation are reasons that sending encrypted emails are not yet the standard.

Our customers increasingly frequently request a method to sign and encrypt emails digitally to both internal and external contacts, only very user friendly and for an affordable price.

Broad description secure email service

To meet this demand, our partners Globalsign, as Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), and Keytalk as Certificate and Key Management Partner, have cooperated to design a secure email service.

Companies that want to make use of S/MIME certificates to sign and/or encrypt email messages, whether due to company policy or statutory regulation, can use this secure email service to easily provide their employees with the possibility to digitally sign and encrypt their email messages for both internal and external use.

The service consists of various components that are used for this service:

A personal Class 2 (Organisation Validated) S/MIME certificate, distributed by GlobalSign or Digicert as trusted Certificate Authority.
A secure email client app, developed by KeyTalk, that executes the request, installation and configuration of the S/MIME certificate for the user’s email program (usually MS Outlook) completely automatically.
Secure LDAP directory service, a public directory service, in which every user of this service is stored and in which the public keys of these users are stored.
CKMS, a Certificate and Key Management System by KeyTalk, which is necessary for safely managing the key pairs that are used to encrypt and decrypt emails.
Renewals are also automatically installed and configured.

How easy is it for the user?

During the design process of the Secure Email Service, the most important principle was ease of use. So what does this service offer the user?

The Secure Email Service app installs the process of the secure email certificate completely automatically. After a single authentication based on the regular login credentials, the secure email certificate is installed automatically, and when using MS Outlook, also automatically configured.
Sending and receiving encrypted emails and/or signing emails digitally will be possible immediately.
It is also possible to provide an external contact, who does not yet have a secure email certificate, with a free, secure Globalsign email certificate, simply by requesting one for the email address in question in the user portal.
The certificate will be created within 1 minute and be sent to the contact as a downloadable file. This makes it possible to immediately send and receive end-to-end encrypted email messages with this external contact.

Types & Pricing

Secure Email Service
Number of licenses | per year
(including certificate and client app)
Price per license/user | Basic Price per license/user | Advanced
0 - 249 €60,- €90,-
250 - 999 €45,- €78,-
1000 - 2499 €30,- €60,-

Solution hosted by yourself: One-time setup costs €695,00.
Solution hosted at Keytalk: €15,00 per licence per year.

The difference between Basic and Advance is that with Advanced, each user can request 4 free secure email (Personalsign 1) certificates for their customers via the KeyTalk service portal, simply by registering an email address. If the contact accepts the invitation, it is possible to have an end-to-end encrypted email conversation within 5 minutes.

With the Basic variant, it is possible to buy separate PS1 packs, in case it is desired to also provide external contact with a secure email certificate in order to send end-to-end encrypted emails.

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