What is Networking4all Web Application Scanning?

Networking4all Web application scanning (WAS) is our vulnerability assessment. The extensive automatic scan of Qualys is applicable for a web application or website and takes into account the current version of OWASP Top 10. Afterwards you will receive the results of the scan in the form of an automatic report.

Once our team has determined the scope of the research together with you, they will start working on the scan. For this purpose, we use automated scanning software from Qualys, which is highly regarded within the cyber security industry. You can use the results to take targeted steps towards a better security of your network, application or systems.

What is the difference between a pentest and a web application scan?

a pentest dives a lot deeper. A pentest is the most extensive way to test your environment for vulnerabilities. Pentesters search both manually and automatically with human insight for vulnerabilities. This gives us better results than with an automatic scan. Pentesters use various creative attacking techniques and different methods and tools than a web application scan. The web application scan is a component, a used tool within the full pentest process.

A web application scan checks for vulnerabilities with a completely automatic process on the basis of known security issues. These scans check, for instance, for malware, the OWASP top 10, and outdated server software. An affordable service/tool to discover known vulnerabilities. However, it may not detect divergent patterns or behaviour due to missing intelligence.

Automated scan

Your website or application is controlled by Qualys which takes into account, among other things, the current version of OWASP Top 10.


Your data will be treated securely, both the results of the scan and other additional information you share with us. In the disclaimer we discuss, among other things, the confidentiality clause.


The results are safely shared with you in the form of a report. Before you can view the report you will need a code, which will be sent to you by SMS.

Comprehensive reporting

You will receive the results of the scan in a clear report. This allows you to deliberately get to work on optimizing your security.

Number of domains / ip's Price per scan per domain (application) or ip
1 - 9 €49,-
10 - 24 €41,-
25 - 99 €31,-
100 - 199 €20,-
200+ ask for quote
Frequency Discount on total price
One-time scan 0%
A scan every quarter 5%
Monthly scan 10%
Weekly scan 20%
Optional Price
The automatic Qualys reporting is checked by our security specialists, summarized and we give you specific advice. €140 per hour
Number of hours depending on the number of results found.
1 - 5 domains / IP's 4 hours
6 - 10 domains / IP's 5 hours
11 - 15 domains / IP's 6 hours
16+ domains / IP's Ask for quote

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