The growing danger of smishing

Phishing is the largest threat that organisations have to deal with. Besides phishing via email, criminals increasingly frequently use sms and WhatsApp to acquire access to data and systems, also known as smishing. Many receivers do not expect phishing via sms, which makes it very successful in practice.

Are employees in your organisation vulnerable to smishing? Test it with a smishing simulation and make them aware of the dangers.

Research goal

Let employees experience that phishing goes beyond phishing via email. A safe phishing sms is sent for you. This sms contains a “contaminated” link. Is it being clicked? Then the person will directly be sent to a landing page with feedback and tips how they can recognise smishing in the future. The simulation, therefore, is also an awareness and learning moment.

Generic approach

The sms is sent from Voicemail (1233). You can choose to use a generic sms and landing page (including your own logo) by Awaretrain, or you can supply the text yourself. The text for the sms can be a maximum of characters and cannot end with a URL due to iPhone policy. The text for the landing page can be a maximum of 500 characters.

Custom possibilities

It is possible to send the sms from a different sender. This may be a word or phone number of maximum 11 characters. Keep in mind that support for words as the sender is not possible in every country. In the Netherlands, this is possible. Additionally, we can also develop an entirely custom landing page.


The research remains active for 3 days. Afterwards, we report the numbers of sent messages and the number of clicks anonymously. The findings are accompanied by brief advice by the experts.


The sms contains a Phishing url, which links to a landing page. Including reports.

1 Generic phishing simulation €1095,-
Custom On request

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