What is Business Suite?

Business Suite is on-location employable and optimally configurable security, from servers to endpoints. It offers proactive endpoint protection for corporate IT infrastructure: desktops, laptops, servers, but also email and online traffic. The components are optimised for a minimal impact on the system’s performance.

• Complete, easy to use security solution, protects all levels of the IT infrastructure via a central management tool.
• Proactive protection against viruses, worms, spyware and trojans.
• Web Traffic Scanning and Browsing Protection based on cloud-computing technology.
• Protection at Gateway level for your email and internet traffic.

What does Business Suite consist of?

• Policy Manager: management from a central location
• Client Security: Windows security for PCs and laptops
• Linux Security: Security for Linux clients and servers (Staat Linus in NL versie)
• Server Security: Integral server security
• Email & Server Security: Protection for all email and communications
• Virtual Security: Protect all popular visualisation platforms
• Software Updater: Patch management for business endpoints

Policy Manager

Central management of every user and endpoint to allow you to always apply the correct security policies.

Client & Linux Security

Client Security prevents contact with malicious content and exploitation of browsers and plugins. Client Security automatically isolates every unprotected computer on the network. For Linux OS, Linux Security is available. The solution can be managed centrally with Policy Manager.

Server Security

Server Security is an anti-malware solution that has been specifically designed and offers security for file servers. On top of that, Server Security offers real-time protection against viruses, trojans, spyware, rootkits, and other malware. The solution offers central and local management options via the Policy Manager and the built-in Web Console.

Email and Server Security

Email and Server Security offers protection and spam prevention for Microsoft Windows servers, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint, Terminal-, Citrix- and Linux servers. and EMC CAVA servers.

Virtual Security

Virtual Security offers multi-layered security mechanisms for virtual desktops and servers.
• Protect all popular visualisation platforms with one solution
• Secure public and private clouds in VMware-, Citrix-, Microsoft Hyper-V- and KVM environments.

Software Updater

Software Updater scans computers for missing software updates and keeps Windows and software from other suppliers patched against vulnerabilities. The solution offers automatic installation of security updates, the possibility for exceptions, and manual installation of patches.

Business Suite Functions

Deepguard 6

Behaviour-based protection that keeps your organisation safe from new threats.

Multi-engine anti-malware technology

Protection against viruses, trojans, rootkits and other kinds of malware.

Security Cloud

Protection against new threats that are discovered globally.

Internet security

Work online safely and efficiently.

Advanced Firewall

Offers protection against malicious network activity.

Device checks

Prevent malware infections via USB.

Advanced protections

Advanced protection against certain file types from unknown websites.

Botnet Blocker

Prevent cybercriminals from taking remote control of infected systems.

Connection control

Prevent the theft of confidential data.

Web content control

Prevent exposure to malicious content.

Patch management

Automatic patch management for Windows and software from other suppliers.


Offers additional protection against ransomware and prevents deletion and alteration of data.

Application control

Create limitations for which applications can be executed.

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