Networking4ALL Awareness E-Learning

The Networking4all eLearning includes a complete awareness program. In this training, essential security awareness subjects are combined to make your organisation’s employees more aware in the cybersecurity area and provide them with the means to recognise and fend off the risks that are present in the world of information security and privacy.

The Platform

Putting together learning programs

You stay in charge of the awareness programs. Managers gain access to a library with more than 40 training modules, games, and knowledge test about the various themes in information security, cybersecurity, and privacy. With this content you can easily compile multiple training programs that fit perfectly with your organisation’s desires.

User management

Managers can do user management themselves or can sync users with Azure AD. The users can be divided into groups that can follow various training programs. Finance, for example, may need to follow a different program than HR. After a user logs in, they will arrive in the program that has been made accessible to them. Single sign-on authentication is possible (Microsoft Azure, Google G Suite, SURFcontext).


The reporting tool provides real-time insight into the users’ progress and results, and the ability to generate reports and certificates for users and groups. This provides optimal insight into your employees’ progress and results.

User Management

• Manage your own users or use user sync with Azure AD
• Users can be divided into groups
• Registering via invitation or self-sign up
• Single sign-on is possible

Content Management

• Access to an extensive content library
• Create multiple programs for various groups within your organisation
• The content is available in 8 languages


• Real-time insight into the progress and results of users and user groups
• Generate your own reports
• Generate participation certificates

Other Aspects

• User-friendly interface
• Adjustable graphical elements
• For desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile
• Hosted in the Netherlands

The Content

Teach colleagues to recognise risks and work safely. Creating awareness and changes in behaviour is not a single event, but a structural process. Our online training program is a perfect fit because the modules can be deployed periodically. Employees can take part in the training on their computer, tablet or smartphone when it is convenient for them.

Built Modularly

The modules cover important themes in the area of information security, cybersecurity, and privacy. Together, they form a complete program. Order, selection and timing can be adjusted to fit your needs. For example, you can put together a training program that fits perfectly with the organisation’s desires. Every year, we launch 6 new modules, which are added automatically.

Users have easy access to the modules that have been made available to them.

Accessible and Interactive

No overflow of rules and theoretical stories, but directly applicable tips to work more safely, also in private situations. The modules are short and accessible. We make use of animated awareness videos, interactive games, knowledge tests, among other things. Every module takes 5 to 15 minutes. Using practical examples we explain how one can work more safely and aware. This includes recognising phishing emails and sending sensitive information. No long walls of text, but videos and games with directly applicable tips.

Multiple Languages

Our content is available in 8 languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and Czech. Every other desired language can be developed upon request.

Personal LMS?

Does your organisation have its own personal LMS (Learning Management System)? The content is available in SCORM and xAPI to be integrated into your own LMS. This integration is possible with the purchase of a minimum of 12 months.


Introduction security awareness

What is the importance of safety awareness and what are the risks and consequences of human actions?

Strong passwords

Information security starts with a strong password. How can one create stronger passwords that are easy to remember?

Safe Internet browsing

We surf the internet every day. How can you surf the Internet safely?

The secure connection

Why is a secure connection (HTTPS) so important?

Information in the cloud

We are increasingly working in the cloud. How can cloud services be used safely?

The greatest dangers on the internet

Dangers lurk everywhere. What is cybercrime and what dangers does it pose?


The biggest digital threat facing organizations. What is phishing, how can one recognize phishing and how should one respond?

The safe computer

The computer is indispensable. What must and what must not be done to use the computer safely and how can it be kept virus-free?

The safe workplace

How does one contribute to a safe workplace, where information is handled with care?

Data destruction

Information is worth gold to criminals. How do you destroy physical and digital information in a safe and correct way?

Social engineering

How do you recognize social engineering? What to do with suspicious calls and unknown visitors?

Mobile device security

We take them everywhere. How do you handle mobile devices correctly and how do you ensure adequate security?


How can one work safely outside the home and how can one make safe use of WiFi?

Download apps safely

We make extensive use of apps on our mobile devices. How do people know if an app is safe?

USB Storage Devices

The convenience of USB storage devices is great, but it also involves risks. How do you handle these devices safely?


How should one deal with personal data in daily work? Which data may be exchanged and which not?

Digital corporate fraud

What methods do criminals use to (digitally) defraud organizations? How do you recognize them and what are the correct ways to respond?


What is AVG? What are personal data and how are data leaks prevented?

Knowledge tests

Knowledge of employees is tested with various knowledge tests.


Access to the platform and content library is part of two different subscriptions. The essential parts are combined to make your employees more safety aware.

Essentials and Premium

The Essentials and Premium variety provide access to the complete online module library. In the Premium variant, baseline measurement and phishing simulations are included. This allows for the measurement of whether the training has the desired effect because in the end, it’s about one question: Are users applying the acquired knowledge in practice?



Access to all online modules Access to all online modules
Access to privacy and AVG modules Access to privacy and AVG modules
Access to newly developed modules Access to newly developed modules
Access to the platform or integration in your own LMS* Access to the platform or integration in your own LMS*
Awareness posters & cartoons Awareness posters & cartoons
Baseline measurement (in advance) Baseline measurement (in advance)
Phishing simulation (2 monthly) Phishing simulation (2 monthly)

*Intergratie in eigen LMS alleen bij minimale afnamen van 1 jaar. Vraag naar de voorwaarden.

Baseline Measurement (premium)

The baseline measurement consists of an online questionnaire and generic phishing simulation. It provides insight into the current safety level, potential risks, and the gap between knowledge and behaviour. The questionnaire includes questions about information security, the organisation policy, the importance of various themes and whether one acts according to them. The report provides a clear view of which subjects in the area of information security, cybersecurity, and privacy require attention.

Phishing Simulation

The periodic phishing simulation provides insight into how vulnerable employees are to phishing. Besides that, it is a perfect way to create awareness. We have various predefined phishing emails that vary in content and level to regularly test your employees’ behaviour. Employees that click will arrive on a landing page with tips on how phishing can be recognised and how incidents can be avoided. After every simulation, the results and findings are reported anonymously. It is possible, for extra charges, to make adjustments to the email and landing page.

Posters & Cartoons

To increase the involvement and strengthen the effect of the training program, we offer a supporting content package. This consists of a series of funny posters and cartoons that perfectly fit with the various subjects that are covered in the modules. The posters and cartoons are available in 8 languages.

Payment - Duration

The duration of the subscriptions varies between 6 and 36 months (6, 12, 24 or 36 months). You indicate ahead of time how many users are to gain access and will receive an invoice at the beginning of the subscription period. We define a user when someone has access rights. All subscriptions can be extended with one or more of our security services.

Networking4all Awareness E-learning | Managed Service

Manage Awareness E-Learning for your organisation
Employee onboarding + beginner's manual for (new) employees
Share and activate new modules once available
Monthly reporting & advice
Intermediate quizzes (custom) to test knowledge
Management reporting
Points that require attention based on results from subjects of the Modules
Progress per department and employee

Price per user per month


10 - 49

50 - 99

100 - 249

250 - 499

500 - 999

1000 - 2499

2500 - 4999

> 5000



€ 4,00 € 3,45 € 2,90 € 2,40 € 1,80 € 1,30 € 0,85 Tailor-made


€ 3,33 € 2,88 € 2,42 € 1,96 € 1,50 € 1,09 € 0,71 Tailor-made


€ 2,58 € 2,24 € 1,88 € 1,52 € 1,17 € 1,84 € 0,55 Tailor-made


€ 2,22 € 1,92 € 1,61 € 1,31 € 1,00 € 1,72 € 0,48 Tailor-made


n/a € 6,00 € 4,60 € 3,40 € 2,40 € 1,60 € 1,00 Tailor-made


n/a € 5,00 € 3,83 € 2,83 € 2,00 € 1,33 € 0,83 Tailor-made


n/a € 3,89 € 2,98 € 2,20 € 1,56 € 1,04 € 0,65 Tailor-made


n/a € 3,33 € 2,56 € 1,89 € 1,33 € 0,89 € 0,56 Tailor-made
Managed Service

Price per total number of users

€ 99,- € 149,- € 199,- € 249,- € 299,- € 299,- € 299,- Tailor-made

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