ARDA Online Gamified Awareness Annual Program

Improve awareness when it comes to cybersecurity in an attractive, efficient and clear way. The power of ARDA is in how it operates. Experiencing, learning and becoming aware. Besides, ARDA is fun, an experience.

ARDA’s annual program consists of:

• Introduction
• First phishing campaign is the baseline measurement
• 4x Steinitz interactive films, including evaluation
• 4x Phishing campaigns
• 9x Security Awareness eLearning with explanation
• 13x Security Awareness Challenges connecting to the eLearning modules
• 6x renowned security speakers, interviews about various subjects
• Reports

Steinitz interactive games

Steinitz is an interactive game with cybersecurity and privacy awareness themes. The person playing will see multiple examples of practical situations. For example, the participant joins Ellis, who works for a software company. Without realising, criminals got their hands on information via her laptop, with all its consequences for her and the organisation.

Phishing Campaign

Messages in which criminals fish for information is aptly named phishing. It is important to remain critical when you do not trust something. By experiencing phishing and reacting to it, employees learn to recognise and intercept fake messages.

Security Awareness Challenge

By playing short challenges on a smartphone or laptop, the participant becomes more aware of learned information and can be tested within a short period of time. The participant sees their score and how colleagues from other departments have scored.

Videos by hackers or others from the field

Stories by hackers, victims, companies, and other specialists may make employees think. This perspective may make employees take a look at their own actions and realise valuable insights. Open the dialogue in simple and pleasant ways.


The prices are on the basis of the number of users and are charged annually. The program starts on any preferred date and runs for at least one year.

*Prices in the table are excluding one-time setup costs of €2.50 per user. Prices are excl. VAT.
**With fewer than 100 users, the 4 phishing campaigns are not included in the ARDA annual program. However, you can have these done by Networking4all. In combination with ARDA ≤100 users, you will receive a discount on our Phishing simulation packages.

User amount

Price per user per year*

0 - 99** € 36,-
100 - 499 € 30,-
≤2500 - 499 € 30,-

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