F-secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce

F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce adds to the security features and assists them. It diminishes the risks surrounding files and URLs that are uploaded by users. The solution checks the safety percentage of files and links that are exchanged via the cloud, without affecting performance.

F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce uses Security Cloud technology. This combines real-time threat information with advanced anti-virus functionality and smart sandboxing in the cloud.

Developed together with Salesforce

The solution has been developed together with Salesforce to guarantee seamless integration.

Advanced analysis features

Extensive reporting, advanced security analyses, and complete audit trails guarantee an efficient incident response.

Ready to use in three minutes

A streamlined installation process via AppExchange ensures that you can start in a few minutes.

No middleware required

The integration between the clouds by Salesforce and F-Secure makes cooperation between the two and setup easy and quick.

THREAT INTELLIGENCE CHECK MULTI-ENGINE ANTIVIRUS SMART CLOUD SANDBOX FILES, URLS, OR EMAIL SALESFORCE CLOUD DETECTION RESPONSE ANALYSE F-Secure Salesforce File URL Email F-Secure Cloud Protections runs a multi-phase analysis process based on various technologies and the content’s risk profile. Tests based on threat information Antivirus protection based on multiple engines Smart sand boxing in the cloud The solution secures the uploading and downloading of files and other content from and to Salesforce platforms without hampering Salesforce itself. Content is intercepted and inspected in Salesforce via detection and threat analysis in the F-Secure Security Cloud. Malicious content is blocked automatically. Further use is prevented and users will receive advice about the next steps. Thanks to extensive reporting functionality, security analyses, and complete audit trials for your Salesforce platform, managers can respond to incidents efficiently.

Prices for Cloud protection Salesforce

Licence for Cloud Protection for Salesforce

Users licence:

Duration / licences

1 - 24

25 - 99

100 - 499

500 - 999

1 year €86,40 €86,40 €77,76 €69,12
2 years €155,52 €155,52 €139,97 €124,42
3 years €216,00 €216,00 €194,40 €172,80

Please inquire regarding special pricing for educative and government institutions.

Community Users licence:

Duration / licences

1 - 24

25 - 99

100 - 499

500 - 999

1 year €21,60 €21,60 €19,44 €17,28
2 years €38,88 €38,88 €34,99 €31,10
3 years €54,00 €54,00 €48,60 €43,20

Please inquire regarding special pricing for educative and government institutions.

Difference between licences for “users” and “community users”

Technically, there is no difference between the two licences. However, when you want to use this product as a customer, you will also need a licence for external community users.

For example, your company uses Salesforce. For your own employees, the 'users' licence is available. For your clients that want to log in and view documents via the community cloud, the community licence is required.

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