Complaints procedure Networking4all

Networking4all strives to provide excellent services to her customers. However, the situation could occur that you are unhappy with our products or services. If this is the case, please contact us.

Networking4all sees complaints as an ideal opportunity to improve the quality of our products and services for you as our customer. In order to ensure you of the correct and proper handling of your complaint, Networking4all uses the following complaint procedure. It is important to us to give you the proper tools to file your complaint.

Filing your complaint

In order to file your complaint, you can fill out the form on our website, You will receive confirmation of your complaint by mail within 5 work days.

The handling of your complaint

The responsible complaints officer will research and judge your complaint for viability. The complaints officer will try to solve your complaint immediately, if possible. Should the complaints officer have any remaining questions that prevent the immediate solution of your complaint, they will contact you by phone within 2 days of sending your acknowledgement of receipt.

Internal assessment of the complaint

The complaints officer will determine who or what the complaint pertains to and will discuss the complaint with the involved department(s) or employee(s).

The verdict

Based on the information collected by the complaints officer, a verdict will be reached. You will receive a response to your complaint from the complaints officer by mail within 15 days of filing. The response will contain the suggested solution(s) or measures.

Disagree with the ruling?

Are you unhappy with the suggested solution(s) or measure(s) taken? Please send a detailed description of your complaint to to the attention of Complaint Management.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt within 5 days of us receiving your complaint. We will review your complaint again and, if possible, try to offer you a different solution.


The following situations are exlcuded from the complaints procedure:

  • Questions or comments about an invoice. Please contact the administration department directly via
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