Online security begins with an SSL certificate

An extended validation SSL certificate protects online shops, banks, communities, forums, blogs, and other commercial websites where data is being exchanged.

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Protect your traffic with
SSL/TLS encryption

Use top-level encryption to secure all traffic between your server and your clients.

SSL certificates

Keep your emails, documents, and software safe

Show off your identity and safeguard the authenticity of your emails, documents and software.

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Monitor your infrastructure, endpoints, and websites

Daily monitoring keeps you in control of your network and the state of your security.

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Important news

Maximum validity of SSL certificates reduced

9 Februari, 2018

As of the 1st of March, 2018, the maximum validity of SSL certificates will be reduced to 825 days. This decision was made in a vote by the CA/B Forum under ballot 193. The vote effectively eliminates 3-year SSL certificates; therefore, as of the 1st of March, Networking4all will only offer 1-year and 2-year SSL certificates.

Introducing: Document Signing

6 Februari, 2018

It has become common practice to send personal documents such as insurance policies, paychecks, or other important documents, via email. But while many companies gladly make this step to eliminate the cost of paper mail, it does come with its risks. The solution: Document Signing. These certificates ensure the sending and receiving party of secure communication, whether by securing email communication, encrypting documents, or securing software. For more information, visit our signing page.

Nameservers leak sensitive information

9 Januari, 2018

Simplicity makes life easy, but it can also come back to haunt you. This seems a universal truth in the world of online security. One of Networking4all’s own security specialists discovered that many nameservers do not protect their AXFR records, putting sensitive information of an entire zone at risk of exposure.



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