Waarom heeft u voor Networking4all gekozen? Wat was de aanleiding/het probleem?

”We were already a client of Networking4all, using their service to provision our certificates. During one of our discussions, I learned that they were providing pentest services as well. That was perfect timing, since we were looking for pentest providers at that time!”

Hoe heeft u de dienstverlening ervaren? Hebben we u geholpen met een oplossing?

”Bert has a very direct approach. We saw the confidence he has on his team immediately. The tests were performed flawlessly, without any disruption of our services. We received clear reports right after, which were readable for non-technical colleagues as well.”

Wat zouden we anders/beter kunnen doen?

”The tests were performed maybe too 'silently'. We would like to be kept more up to date, while the tests are being performed.”

Raadt u onze dienstverlening ook aan anderen aan? Waarom wel/niet?

”I would. The no non-sense approach Networking4all has is priceless.”

Hoe ziet u de toekomst met Networking4all voor u?

”We will continue to work with Networking4all and already planning to extend our collaboration in security field.”

Over Social Audience

”DigitalAudience developed a proprietary technology that activates valuable deterministic data for digital communication experiences. Brands, agencies publishers and technology partners can use this to identify consumers in the digital ecosystem for segmentation and targeting purposes in order to identify, enrich and activate customers and prospects.”


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