Add reminders

Customers of Networking4all will get a reminder when their SSL Certificate expires. As service. But they can also add reminders from other certificates in their own personal account.

In your own account (at SSL Certificates) you will find all at Networking4all ordered certificates, with the corresponding expiring date. But if you click on “Add existing certificate”, you can also add certificates you didn’t purchase at Networking4all. This is useful for instance in case you just moved to us, but haven’t all certificates placed with us yet.

Log in and select 'SSL Certificates'.

Click 'Add excisting certificate'.

Now you can add any url you want.

Select the url or the magnifying glass to move on.

Now you'll see the expiring date (1). Select 'Reminders' (2) and 'Create reminder' (3) to get a reminder for the certificate.

Finally you can say when you want the reminder. The number of days are the number of days before the certificate expires.

People who are not customer of Networking4all can get reminders by visiting the Site Check. Our customers can continue along this way as well.