What is MySQL?

MySQL is one of the most popular and powerful Open Source databases in the world.

How do I create a MySQL database for my website?

Your website comes with one MySQL database by default. Some hosting packages offer the option to create multiple databases. To create a new database, go to MySQL Management -> Create new Database in your DirectAdmin portal.

  • Database name: enter a unique name (8 character max)
  • Database username: enter a unique name (8 character max) or select a previously created user
  • For a new user, enter a new password twice; for an existing user, the password will automatically be entered
  • Click create.

The database has been created, a summary will appear on your screen.

How do I manage my MySQL database?

You can manage your database in the DirectAdmin portal (MySQL Management -> PhpMyAdmin). You received your username and password after the creation of your hosting package.