Authorization code

Some TLDs require an authorization code for a move. How do you receive this and what can you do with it?

Authorization codes are a password for the domain and serves as an additional safety measure. Verification codes ensure that only the owner of the domain name can move the domain. So don't lose the code.

Move your domain to Networking4all

When the registry of your TLD requires an authorization code (also referred as authcode, authinfo code, transfer code or EPP code) to move your domain name to Networking4all, you should contact your current registrar and request to send the authorization code.

During the request for a move to Networking4all we ask directly for the code. So you will first need the code before you move your domain name.

Move your domain to another registrar

If you want to move your domain name to another registrar, you can see and retrieve this authcode in your portal. See the manual here. You may also request this code for a move of your domain name at any time through the Ticket System of Networking4all (My Account > Submit a ticket). Networking4all does not provide authcodes for domain names over the phone.