Product overview

After logging on to our website with your account data, select "My account" in the menu. If you have one or more sites, first click on the site whose related products you want to view.

Next select the "Products" tab.


This page gives you an overview  of all the products you have purchased, with the start and expiry date (if relevant). All related products are grouped together. For example a hosting package for will always appear under the domain name


This contains the description for the products/services that you have purchased.

This column is only intended for our resellers. This column displays the client name of the reseller.

Start date
The start date of the current period relating to this product/service.

Expiry date
The date until when the product/service is valid: For almost all products this period is automatically extended for the same period, unless the client sends a notification of the contrary.

The period of the product/service, which can vary from one month to several years.

Number of units
The number of times that this product/service is purchased.

Set-up costs
Set-up costs of the product (if relevant), charged once for the product. As soon as these have been invoiced, these should disappear from your product list.

The price of the product/service purchased.

The total amount of the products, including any set-up costs, excluding VAT.


Number of products on page
With this option you select the number of products that you want to view on the screen: choose between 15 or 150 products per page.

If a magnifying glass icon appears next to a product, you can click on it to view further details.

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