I ordered a product, how do I pay for it?

You will receive an invoice for the products you ordered with account information and you transfer the total amount due into our bank account located either in the Netherlands, Belgium or France. Click here for our contact and bank account details.

What is the payment period?

Standard term of payment for all our products is 14 days, unless agreed otherwise.

Is there a cancellation period?

Yes there is, the cancellation period is stated in your contract and depends on the products/services you ordered. Most products have a one month cancellation period, starting the first of each month. If you want to cancel a product you have to inform us in writing. Without notice of cancellation, we will automatically renew/extend your contract for another period.

I have moved, how do I report my new address?

Change or modify your contact information via our Control Panel. Logon with your account data and go to menu item "My Information", here you can enter your new address.


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