Extended validated - EV

With an Extended validated certificate, the most extensive validation process is required. This is similar to the OV validation process, however, the company data are compared in multiple sources and an EV contract is signed (digitally). The organizational data of an EV certificate can be retrieved with 1 click in the browser (browser dependent). Extended validated certificates are usually issued within 6 days.

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GlobalSign - SSL - EV

GlobalSign was founded in 1996 in Belgium, and later joined the Japanese company GMO Cloud.


Thanks to these intercontinental roots, GlobalSign leads on the European and Japanese SSL market. Networking4all and GlobalSign have been working together since many years, which resulted in GlobalSign rewarding us with the title of Preferred Partner.

Globalsign Extended Validation SSL Certificates

Exchange messages securely with organisation through website
Certificate contains company data
Most extended validation of company and requestor, issuance 2-6 workdays
Helps your Google rating
Free non-www name
SSL Warranty €1.500.000

SSL Warranty

SSL Warranty is the maximum amount distributed to the user by the CA when a certificate is issued to an unauthorized party, and the user has suffered financial loss. GlobalSign EV certificates are insured for €1.500.000.

Extended Validation

The name already says it, this is the certificate with the most extended validation. An EV certificate contains the company data. This certificate is issued after the next steps:

Domain verification

Verification of the company in the trade register

Verification phone call with applicant

EV contract

CAA Check


Generally, GlobalSign EV certificates are issued within 2-6 workdays. For more information, please visit the validation page.

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