Organisation validated - OV

In the case of an OV certificate, the company details are included in the certificate and the applicant organisation is checked for its existence. It is also checked whether the requestor is working for the company and aware of the SSL request. Because of this extensive validation, OV certificates give you more trust in who you are communicating with when you leave your details on a certain website. Organisation validated certificates are usually issued within 2 days.

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Digicert - SSL - OV

Networking4all is a Platinum Elite Partner of Digicert.


This US company is specialised in SSL certificates. DigiCert acquired the Symantec Group in 2017, making the SSL brands Symantec, Thawte and GeoTrust part of the DigiCert company. Networking4all has worked closely with DigiCert over the past few years, which led to DigiCert being well known in the BeneLux Market. This collaboration led to Digicert naming us Platinum Elite Partner.

Digicert Basic Organisatie gevalideerde SSL Certificaten

Exchange messages securely with organisation through website
Certificate contains company data
Most extended validation of company and requestor, issuance 1-2 workdays
Helps your Google rating
Free non-www name
SSL Warranty Digicert Basic OV $1.000.000

Organisation Validation

An Organisation Validation certificate contains the company data. This certificate is issued after the next steps:

Domain verification

Verification of the company in the trade register

Verification phone call with applicant

CAA Check


Generally, Digicert OV certificates are issued within 1-2 workdays. For more information, please visit the validation page.

Digicert Business Secure Site Organisation Validation SSL Certificates

The Digicert Secure Site EV line has the following advantages compared to the Basic line:

Privileged support and validation for Secure Site EV users
Secure Site EV users may use the Norton Seal on their website. This is one of the best known logos concerning security/reliability.
Secure Site has an extended SSL Warranty of $1.750.000
Access to a malware check with 70+ anti-virus scanners and domain blacklist services for Secure Site users.

Digicert Secure Site Pro Organisation Validation SSL Certificates

The Digicert Secure Site Pro line has the following advantages compared to the Business line:

Secure Site Pro provides extended SSL warranty of $2.000.000
Cloud-based monitoring CT Logs
Post-Quantum Crypto-Ready

SSL Warranty

SSL Warranty is the maximum amount distributed to the user by the CA when a certificate is issued to an unauthorized party, and the user has suffered financial loss. Digicert OV certificates are insured for $1.000.000. Secure Site certificates have an extended warranty of $1.750.000 and Secure Site Pro $2.000.000.

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