What is SSL?

The SSL protocol was introduced as early as 1995 as a security protocol for the connection between visitors to a website and the server where the website is hosted by means of very strong encryption. Over the years the protocol has been further developed and adopted by a new version, TLS, but in the vernacular the security protocol is still known as SSL.

What is SSL?

Why an SSL with us?

You are looking for a supplier of SSL certificates that works quickly, reports clearly and is available for your questions. One that takes most of the work out of your hands and informs you in a timely manner when a certificate expires. Networking4all understands and meets that need.

Why an SSL with us?

DV Certificates

Personal websites
Non-commercial websites
Testing purposes
Issued within 15 minutes

OV Certificates

Public websites
Websites with government function
Organisational data included
Issued within 1-2 days

EV Certificates

Commercial websites (webshops, banks, government)
Most comprehensive validation
Organisational data included
Issued within 2-6 days

Validation Methods

Before issuing an SSL certificate, a validation of the data takes place. The validation procedure depends on the type of certificate you choose: A DV, OV or EV certificate. Where in a DV only the domain is validated, in an OV and EV outside the domain validation, the organisation and the applicant will also be checked.

Validation Methods

SSL shop/wizard

In addition to our product pages by brand and type, we also have a complete SSL overview where you can put all brands and types side by side and make your choice with just a few clicks.

SSL shop

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