SSL Certificates

What is SSL?

SSL is used by millions of websites to secure the Internet, including online purchases, financial transactions or sending personal data. This information will remain confidential during transmission and is not readable by others.

Websites with this security are recognizable by the closed padlock and the https:// in the address bar. Like you can see on the login page of your bank. A SSL Certificate is required for an SSL connection. A user can use an SSL Certificate to see who owns the site and who issued the certificate.


An SSL Certificate is also very important for the identity of the site and its owner. It gives confidence. Visitors of the site know that their personal information is handled safely, and malicious persons may not eavesdrop. The importance of a reputable brand, known for a solid validation and is used by large companies, should not be underestimated. Through a familiar name visitors will trust the site faster.

Legal obligations

The law says that it is required to send data over the Internet secure. The Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA) therefore recommends to use an SSL Certificate. For more information, visit the legal obligations page.


SSL means Secure Sockets Layer. The third version of SSL was the mainstay of Transport Layer Security (TLS), the current implementation of SSL. But the name SSL is still used when it comes to securing the Internet.

More information

There are several methods for the validation of SSL Certificates, namely domain validation (DV), organization validated (OV) and extended validation (EV). There are also a several types of certificates. In the menu (products) we explain this clearly from each category and you can read more about the different types, validation and brands. Do you want more information or personal advice? Feel free to contact our sales department.

Wizard and Site Check

Using the Wizard you can find out which SSL Certificate is the right one for your organization, customer or application needs. To see if your website is really safe and to see what the quality of security is, see the Site Check.