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New intermediate and root certificate for GeoTrust OV and EV certificates

GeoTrust will be changing its intermediate and root certificates. More on the migration in this article. GeoTrust will introduce the new certificates gradually, starting with the OV and EV certificates by GeoTrust.

In order to enhance its security and performance, GeoTrust will be merging their internal platforms. For this reason, GeoTrust will replace their intermediate certificate, which is used during the installation of an SSL certificate, and the root certificate. This merge will take place on the 5th of December 2013 and will have effect on all SSL certificates from the brand GeoTrust.

What certificates will change and how will it happen?
This year, all Organisation Validated SSL certificates will get a new intermediate certificate. All Domain Validated SSL certificates by GeoTrust and RapidSSL will be migrated in 2014. During the migration on the 5th of December, the migration will only have effect on the following products:

GeoTrust True Business ID
GeoTrust True Business ID Wildcard
GeoTrust True Business ID Multi Domain
GeoTrust True Business ID EV
GeoTrust True Business ID Multi Domain EV

The migration will not affect SSL certificates that have already been issued
When you request a new certificate, renewal or SAN extension, the installation of your new certificate will require use of the new intermediate root certificate. However, if the request entails a fast reissue where no personal data is changed, the validation will be handled automatically by GeoTrust and you will need to use the old intermediate root certificate.

How will this change affect you as a customer?
iAfter requesting a reissue, SAN update, new product or renewal, you will always receive a ZIP-file from Networking4All with the intermediate- and root certificate and an installation manual for your product. We will always request these certificates from GeoTrust for each order and will therefore always send you the correct intermediate certificate. You can use the ZIP-file that you received from Networking4All for the installation of your intermediate certificate.

API customers who download the certificates and who do not use our ZIP-file would do best to contact our support department. Together, we can check if your configuration needs to be changed. We advise all customers to use our Site Check after the installation to ensure that the installation was successful.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact our support department by sending an email to or by calling +31 20 - 7881030.

Friday 29 November 2013
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