SSL Certificates

Google to start using 2048-bit SSL Certificates this year

Google will upgrade its root certificates and SSL keys to a 2048-bit encryption in August. The upgrade to the stronger security should be completed by the end of this year. This has been announced by Google on its Online Security Blog.

The transition to a 2048-bit security should ensure a stronger protection of computers and mobile devices with the Google servers. At this time, Google still uses a 1024-bit encryption for the root certificate.

The upgrade is the result of the stringent requirements that the CA/Browser Forum has imposed to the Certificate Authorities (CAs) last year. The CAs are required to issue their root certificates with a minimum of 2048-bit encryption from January 1, 2014. Many companies, like Google, take the same measures.

The 1024-bit encryption is currently still safe, but experts have expressed their concerns that the increasing power of computers will make it possible to crack the 1024-bit SSL standard this decade. A 2048-bit key will make this process more difficult.

Tuesday 28 May 2013
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SSL Certificates




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