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Data breaches a thing of the past

Earlier this week, the European Commission announced the upcoming publication of a list of good encryption techniques. With the list, the EC wants to stimulate companies to encrypt the storage of their customer data.

The publication of the list of encryption techniques renders the current European standard considering obligatory notification of data breaches obsolete. This standard forces companies to notify authorities and customers if their data has been hacked. If companies comply to the techniques in the upcoming publication, hacking into personal data will no longer be possible, says the European Commission. 
Earlier, a law proposal was sent to the House of Representatives in Holland that would allow companies to not notify the authorities of a data breach when the breached data was encrypted. As of right now, the Dutch system still follows the European standard.
Not an option, but a right
These current developments are a step in the right direction. Encryption (SSL) is no longer seen as a mere option by many companies and authorities, but as a right. Now that sending data through the cloud and mobile applications is becoming the norm, this is certainly an improvement.
Digital criminals will always look for ways to steal personal data. Public prosecutor Jesse van der Putte declared earlier this week in the Public Prosecution's in-house magazine Opportuun that criminals are increasingly using fraudulent webshops to steal personal data. These websites are indistinguishable from the real websites, but after placing an order, the customer will never receive their product. 
Friday 28 June 2013
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SSL Certificates




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