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Always SSL now supported by Google

Every day, service providers and shops are taking their wares to the world wide web. As an unfortunate result, online users are becoming more confused about the identity of the company they are doing business with. Networking4All advises her customers to secure their communications in various ways, but also to ensure authenticity.

SSL in a nutshell
Whenever a customer interacts with a web site, whether it's a web shop, communication tool, community, or blog, the law requires the party behind the online service to ensure the safety of the data being transmitted and saved. With an SSL certificate, the connection between the user's computer and the server (where the website is communicating from) is encoded, blocking others from tapping into the connection. This means that, for example, your creditcard data can be transmitted safely. If you would like to know more about SSL, click here.

Google supports Always SSL with rewards
More and more leading companies have taken the lead and secured their services with an SSL certificate. As of today (7th of August, 2014), the world's largest search engine has taken this one step further. All websites and web shops who only offer their services over an HTTPS connection (in other words, who use an SSL certificate), will be rewarded by Google with a higher ranking in search results. Apart from a technically sound website, relevant content and popularity, security level will now also be a qualifying feature on which search result rankings will be based.

What should you do?
Google will gradually implement the change in their search results. It pays to be prepared, so this would be the perfect time to analyse websites and services and upgrade their security with an SSL certificate. Google recommends website owners to apply the strongest encryption to their websites in the form of a 2048-bit certificate. The stronger, the better.

In short, why SSL?
- data cannot be intercepted by third parties
- the user can see the identity of the party they do business with (EV SSL)
- improved consumer confidence
- improved revenue
- legal requirement
- improved search engine ranking with Google


  Basic SSL DV Plus Business SSL OV Business SSL EV Plus
Validation type Domain name Organisation Extended
Encryption strength 2048 bits 2048 bits 2048 bits
Green address bar     ok


Thursday 7 August 2014
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SSL Certificates




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