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Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificates

When you order an Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificate your company or organization will be validated and checked according various external sources.

We will contact your organisation by your publicly listed telephone number and we have to speek to the contactperson you have submitted with you order. Your company or organization details will then be listed in the SSL Certificate.    

Interested in an Organization Validation SSL Certificate (OV)?
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An Organization Validated SSL Certificate certifies that the company or organization is definitely the owner of the website because this is checked and validated by the Certificate Authority. Not only your domain name but also the company itself is validated, providing double trust for visitors/clients. In addition, each OV certificate supports mobile devices.

Good to know
It takes 2 to 5 days before an Organization Validated certificate is issued. Some authorities request a faxed document or validation is made by a telephone call with the owner of the website. When you can choose to send a PDF via email, we recommend that you use that option to speed up the process. These extra efforts make OV SSL Certificates more expensive than DV SSL Certificates.

For who?
With this SSL Certificate, end users see that the identity of the company and the site is monitored and safe. To view the certificate details however, one has to perform a few steps and this is not always obvious and easy to find.

SSL Certificates




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