SSL Certificates

Extended Validated (EV) SSL Certificates

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates immediately tells your customers that you're secure, trusted and an authentic company by activating the EV SSL green address bar in your browser.

The EV SSL green address bar and the padlock area now alternates between your company name and country and the Issuing Authority. See the example below: 


Note: If you have ordered an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate with your trade name, an organization name longer than 64 characters or if you own a sole proprietorship, please contact the sales department of Networking4all. In this case we will assist you by placing a proper request.

Interested in an Extended Validation SSL Certificate (EV)?
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An EV SSL Certificate activates the green address bar with the latest web browsers and visualises the identity of the website owner and the Certificate Authority. This Extended Validated certificate has the highest level of trust and security.

Good to know
Due to extended guidelines and procedures, the EV certificate is more expensive than Domain Validated or Organization Validated certificates. It also takes up to 7 work days before the certificate is issued.

For who?
Used by companies and organizations which want to offer their clients the highest level of security. Fraud and phishing techniques are almost impossible with Extended Validated SSL Certificates. Therefore not only clients benefit from the EV certificate, but the company and its brands also.

SSL Certificates




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