SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates by type

Different solutions require different SSL Certificates. To make the right choice we have listed and explained below the different types of SSL Certificates. Click the link of each type to view the corresponding SSL Certificates of each supplier.

Adobe PDF signing

Certified Document Services (CDS) is the first solution for digital signatures that allows authors to create Adobe® PDF files which the recipient automatically ensures that the identity of the author has been verified by a trusted organization.

Code Signing

Software vendors and developers can digitally sign and timestamp the software they distribute over the Internet. This is called 'code signing'.

Digital Signing

Digital IDs (Digital Signing) are digital identities used for securing various communicative functions. Think about signing emails (S/MIME), Microsoft Office documents and other electronic documents where you want to ensure integrity.

Subject Alternative Names (SAN)

A Subject Alternative Name (SAN) SSL Certificate, also known as Unified Communications SSL Certificate (UCC SSL), is mainly used for Microsoft Exchange 2007 or Unified Messaging. This certificate allows multiple server or domain names using the same secure SSL Certificate.

Wildcard SSL

With a Wildcard SSL Certificate it is possible to secure several websites on your server with one single SSL Certificate. Secure one or more sub domain names with one Wildcard SSL certificate and save time and money.