SSL Certificates

Symantec Secure Site Pro

The Secure Site Pro SSL Certificate from Symantec offers you at least 128 bits encryption for protecting sensitive information during online transactions.

The insured amount of this certificate is $ 1,250,000 and you will get a Norton Secured Seal™ to show your visitors at a glance that you're protected by a reputable brand like Symantec.



Replacement Warranty

An SSL Certificate will be re-issued free of charge with a Symantec SSL Certificate. This allows you to sign your certificate again at all time. For example after the loss of your private key, which often happens during a server crash or when your web site moves to a different server.

Up to 256 bit encryption

Data you send will be encrypted at all SSL Certificates. They can not be read by third parties, or intercepted or changed by others. The gravity of the encryption depends on the used server and web browser and is currently up to 256 bits.

Norton Secured Seal™

The Norton Secured Seal™ is a dynamic image on your website that tells visitors at a glance that they can trust you, that your website has been validated and that they can make safe transactions with you.

99.99% browser support

Symantec's root certificate is included with all major browser vendors, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Server Gated Cryptography

A Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) certificate guarantees you a certificate with the strongest encryption. It provides automatic protection with a minimum of 128-bit encryption, even if your visitors use older browsers.

Support for mobile phones and PDAs

With Outlook Mobile Access, you can easily view, change and answer all your emails, calendars, contacts and tasks in Microsoft Exchange. If you want to make your own secure website compatible for use on mobile equipment, this certificate is appropriate.


SSL Certificates




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