SSL Certificates

Legal obligations for online security

The Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (WBP) says that it is required to send data over the internet secure. But it happens far too often that this information is sent over the Internet without any form of security.

The consequences for the victims of Internet fraud can be enormous. Criminals intercept personal data, credit card and address information and use these 'stolen identities' for criminal acts like financial transactions. The Dutch government acknowledges the problem. The Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA) therefore recommends to use an SSL Certificate.

SSL Certificate

Personal information is transmitted in several ways. For example in the case of online purchases and financial transactions, but also simple contact forms. In all cases the Dutch DPA requires to secure the data. The purchase of an SSL Certificate ensures that the data are safe.


The act requires to secure the personal data. If you don't comply with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act, the authorities may impose an administrative fine at a maximum of € 4.500,-. In case you will be held responsible for the loss of privacy information or insufficient protection against unauthorised use, you also have to pay full damages and possible claims of individuals involved.


Networking4all receives many questions about the legal obligation. We have listed our Frequently Asked Questions here for you. Do you have another question? Please feel free to contact our sales department.

SSL Certificates




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