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Gain trust with your customers with an extended SSL certificate.

Domain validation

Non-public websites.

Organisation validation

Public websites without commercial objective or government task.

Extended validation

Commercial websites such as banks, government agencies and webshops.

Which certificate do you need?

Select how many domains you want to secure.

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for example:


We offer higher discounts for longer terms of validity.

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strongest encryption using ECC
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Delivery time

This is the average time it takes for the issuance of an SSL certificate. The actual process time depends on the speed with which you complete the validation process (such as the validation of your e-mail address). No rights may be derived from the indicated delivery times.


This is the highest possible amount of financial reimbursement to a client when a certificate is issued to an unauthorised party, leading to financial loss for the client. The amount can vary between certificates and suppliers.

Free additional domain

This SSL certificate comes with one free additional domain. This means that, when you request an SSL certificate for, you receive the certificate for for free. This applies only to the common name.

Free reissue

These SSL certificates come with a free reissue, in the unlikely event of a certificate in need of sudden replacement.

Norton Secured Seal

The Norton Secured Seal™ is a dynamic image on your website that allows visitors to tell at a glance that they can trust you, validated your website and they can safely perform transaction with you. Free available for all the Symantec Secure Site and Secure Site Pro certificates.

Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)

The ECC algorithm is a safer alternative than the standard RSA encryption. It calculates the keys from using an elliptical curve. ECC encryption is smaller, safer and faster.

Browser support

All SSL certificates are compatible with the largest and most commonly used internet browsers. Click on the product for more information about mobile browser compatibility. If you have any questions, please contact us.



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