What is digital signing?

Signing is a cryptographic technique that was designed to validate the integrity and authenticity of a document, file, or email. Signing ensures the sender and the recipient of a file or message that the data is reliable, safe, and has not been tampered with.


Networking4all offers multiple products that can help you secure your and your customer’s data and contacts. Our signing solutions will defend your communication against hackers and eavesdroppers, and ensure your customers that your, or their, data has not been tampered with. Improve and solidify your reputation as a reliable partner, and comply with industry standards with our email, software and document signing products.
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Email & ID signing

Secure your communications with email signing or a digital ID. These certificates are available at personal level, or at department- or organisation level. These certificates use the S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) protocol to sign or encrypt emails, Microsoft Office documents or other electronic documents.

  • Protect your identity

    Digitally signing your documents and emails confirms your identity to your customers and partners.
  • Easy to manage

    Manage all products of your customers or departments in one account.
  • Secure communication

    Protect your email communication against hackers and manipulation and guard your messages against eavesdroppers.
  • Accessible

    Installed in minutes and usable on most platforms; compatible with most mail clients and PDF readers.
  • Built-in encryption

    Encrypt and password-secure your email messages and documents with the click of a button.
  • Individual or department-wide

    Use a certificate for your personal email account, or secure your entire department with one certificate.

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Documenten signing

Sign your documents quickly and reliably with Document signing. Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader have been programmed to verify certificates using their own Adobe Approved Trust List. Document signing uses a certificate that can be applied in multiple ways. A special USB token can be used when signing lower volumes. Are you looking for a solution for larger volumes? Please contact us for more information.

  • Save time and money

    Streamline your process with automated document signing.
  • Widely deployable

    Use one certificate for multiple platforms, such as Microsoft Word and LibreOffice Writer.
  • For small and large volumes

    Use a USB token for single or small volumes, or switch to the cloud solutions or HSM to process larger volumes.
  • Compliance

    Includes timestamp support for audit trails and industry standard compliance (such as GDPR).
  • Personalised signing

    Add your own personal touch to your signature, such as an image of your actual signature or a technical seal.
  • Accessible

    Installed in minutes and usable on most platforms.

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Code signing

Protect your software with Code Signing. Give your users transparency about the author of their software and protect them from malware. As the producer, you can offer the insurance that you really are the author or publisher of the software they are about to use. You can choose between the standard Code Signing certificates, or the Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing certificates. EV Code Signing certificates offer more information on the software’s producer and performs a Microsoft SmartScreen reputation scan.

Code signing is available at an individual and an organisational level.

  • Verified

    Secure your software and your reputation with a signing certificate that proves that you are the author of your software.
  • Unlimited validity

    Your software will remain signed, even when your certificate has expired.
  • Widely deployable

    Compatible with most platforms (MS AuthentiCode, Office VBA, Java, Adobe AIR, macOS, Mozilla)
  • Easy to use

    Installed in minutes and usable on most platforms with a special USB token.
  • Trust

    Removes "unknown publisher" warnings in macOS and Microsoft Windows.
  • Reputation

    Use an EV Code Signing certificate and improve your reputation with Microsoft SmartScreen.

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