Code Signing

What is Code Signing?

With Code Signing a digital signature is added to software/applications. These certificates are used by software developers to digitally sign apps, drivers and software programs. This makes it clear to the end user that the software/application came from a recognised software supplier and since its publication was not altered by a third party. The signature includes the business name and a timestamp. Additionally, Code Signing certificates ensure that users do not get warnings upon installation or startup.

Why sign code?

Protect your reputation and the integrity of your code. Digital signatures contain a proof of integrity of the contents in order to keep your code from being altered and distributed without approval. When the hash that was used to sign the application matches the hash on a downloaded application, then the code’s integrity is intact. When the used hash does not match, users will receive a security warning or the code cannot be downloaded.

Offer a safe and secure experience for your customers. Signing your code ensures that no one messed with it and that it came directly from you. Signing with a Code Signing Certificate shows that you are trusted by a third trusted party, in this case the certificate authority in the field of code signing security, and contributes to a safe and secure environment.


A timestamp ensures that the signatures do not expire when the Code Signing certificate expires. With timestamping the signature remains valid and verifiable long-term.

Two types of Code Signing

Code Signing Code Signing EV
Unlimited signing Yes Yes
Removes security warning “unknown distributor” Yes Yes
Extended organisation check No Yes
Immediate positive reputation with Microsoft Smartscreen No Yes
Timestamp Yes Yes
Mandatory USB-token No Yes
Code Signing
Code Signing EV
Code Signing
Information shown in certificate Business name Business name, business address, type of business Business name
Signature does not expire when using timestamps Yes Yes Yes
Signing unlimited amount of applications Yes Yes Yes
Ondertekening van een onbeperkt aantal toepassingen Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with important platforms (Authenticode, Office VBA, Java, Adobe AIR, Mac OS, Mozilla) Yes Yes Yes
Immediate positive reputation with Microsoft Smartscreen No Yes No
Encryption storing possibilities USB token on request Mandatory USB-token Delivered without USB-token
Price € 209,00 € 279,00 € 399,00