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Did you know that most hacks can take place because hackers use vulnerabilities that have been known for a while? Too often, office networks are not kept up to date and software is behind one or multiple updates, because insufficient time is spent on the maintenance and upkeep of every application in a network.

Most entrepeneurs, however, simply do not have the time, or the personnel, to really keep up with vulnerability management. Our trained security consultants can take over your vulnerability management and install, configure and maintain your scans for you. As soon as a vulnerability is discovered, they will work together with your team to ensure the safety of your network.

Your advantages:

  • Complete insight in your digital infrastructure
  • Streamlined vulnerability management
  • Clear and complete reports
  • Our security consultants at your service
  • Always working on improvements
  • GDPR compliant, data stored in the EU
  • Flexibility in deployment and use
  • Multiple scanners possible
Powered by F-Secure

Under the hood, Networking4all uses F-Secure Radar for our Vulnerability Management services. This intelligent vulnerability scanning and monitoring platform gives our team insight in your assets.

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  • Kick-off: the security consultants collect information, determine the scope, install the scanners and plan scans.
  • The discovery scan: the scans check your network for hosts, which are added to the vulnerability scan after a manual check.
  • The vulnerability scan: the system- or web application scans are deployed, the results are checked manually, and the scan is optimised for the next use.
  • Remediation: Our security consultants draw up advice on any measures that should be taken and perform a check afterwards.
  • Reporting: All findings are combined into a status report. Every 3 months, our security consultants will set up a meeting with you.
The scanners

Our advanced scanners are easy to manage and monitor. All data needed by the scanner in order for it to perform its job is handled safely, and any found data will directly be transferred to the management console so no sensitive data is left behind on the scanner in your network. Our security consultants can also deploy public scanners to make an inventory of, scan, and analyse your public networks. These scanners are all maintained within the EU.

The different scans

Discovery Scan
  • Fast and reliable port scanner
  • Based on asynchronous scanning techniques
  • Fast host discovery on internal networks
  • Detects services and operational systems
  • Scanning speed can be adjusted on request
System Scan
  • This scanner can track known vulnerabilities
  • Can track any device with an IP address
  • Authorised scans on Windows and Linux systems for improved results
  • Low amount of false positives, very accurate
  • Always up to date with the latest known vulnerabilities
  • PCI ASV certified
Web scan
  • This scanner tracks vulnerabilities in web applications
  • Supports authorisation
  • Supports assisted crawling
  • Scalable for growing web applications
  • PCI ASV certified

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