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When you want to upgrade the digital security of your company, but aren't quite sure where to begin, an assessment of your current situation might be a good starting point. Let our security experts analyse your security and discover where the weak points of your network or applications lie. Together with our security experts, you decide on the scope of the assessment and decide which elements of your network are off-limits. That way, you remain in full control.

Remotely or at the office

If a simple check of your system or application is all you need, it can easily be performed remotely. If you would rather have our security experts include your office network in their assessment, they will come to your office.

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Automated scan

Your network, website or application will be checked first for known vulnerabilities, such as the OWASP Top Ten.

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Your data will be handled safely, both when it's discovered in your systems and networks or provided to us by you.

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Your security reports will always be encrypted before transmission. After our assessment, we delete your data.

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Extensive reports

All findings will be combined in an extensive report, giving you a targeted list to optimise your security.

Automated scanning

After determining the scope of the research with you, our team can start scanning, using automated scanning software that comes highly recommended within the cyber security community. All findings from these scans will be checked manually to filter out any false positives. The results will then be summarised for you in a report that you can put into action to improve the security of your network, application or systems.

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