What is Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability Assessment is an automated scan that brings vulnerabilities to light on your internal and/or external network and infrastructure (IP addresses).

External IP addresses can be tested remotely. For a scan for internal IP addresses, we will require access to your network via a VPN connection. If a VPN connection is not possible, we will use our NUC system. This is a small computer system that is placed in your network, to which we can log in remotely and perform scans. This allows us to scan your internal network remotely. We will happily discuss the possibilities with you.

The extensive automatic scan applies to, for example, web servers, mail servers, file servers, etc. All (open) ports are checked for vulnerabilities, followed by an automatic report of the scan with the results.

When our team has determined the scope of the research with you, they will begin the scan. We use automated scanning software that is highly regarded in the cybersecurity sector. You can use the results to take action to improve the security of your network, applications, or systems.

Automated Scan

Your IP addresses and/or applications are checked. We take the current OWASP Top 10 and the most recent database of vulnerabilities (CVE) into account.


Your data is handled safely, both the results of the scan and the additional information you share with us. In the disclaimer of indemnity, we discuss confidentiality, among other things.


The results are being shared with you via a report. Before you can view the report, you will need an access code, which is sent via SMS.

Extensive reporting

You will receive the results of the scan in an extensive report. You can use this to make goal-oriented decisions to optimise your security.

Total IPs Price per scan per IPs
1 - 9 €49,-
10 - 24 €41,-
25 - 99 €31,-
100 - 199 €20,-
200+ Customized price
Frequency Discount on total price
One-time scan 0%
Quarterly scan 5%
Monthly scan 10%
Weekly scan 20%
Optional Price
The automatic reporting is checked by our security specialists, summarized and we give you specific advice. €140,- per hour
Number of hours depending on the number of IP addresses.
1 - 5 IPs 4 hours
6 - 10 IPs 5 hours
11 - 15 IPs 6 hours
16+ IPs In consultation
Placing a NUC system for internal network scans. €140,- per hour
Number of hours depending on the number of results found.
Excluding travel expenses

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