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The cyber threat landscape is rapidly changing. To prevent a security incident in the future or present, it is important that warnings are being monitored and analysed. A quick response to security incidents is extremely important in order to minimise the damage. We provide and relieve you in the field of implementation, monitoring, analysis, and offer clear reports and recommendations.

We take care of the daily security of your IT infrastructure by using cybersecurity technologies via managed security services. These are monitored by our certified security specialists, who guard and manage your IT infrastructure, including systems and data, from our 24/7 Security Operations Center.

The benefits of Managed Security Monitoring are:

• Your IT infrastructure is continuously monitored for threats, vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.
• We warn your organisation and advise about countermeasures.
• Your organisation will have constant insight into its attack surface and threat landscape, which allows for quick anticipation.

SIEM optional:

By combining information about cyber threats with event-correlation (SIEM*), our managed security services help eliminate blind spots and provide insight into what really matters. Additionally, we offer a complete overview and transparency of your environment and activities via the interactive Power BI report. One overview of your entire security landscape.

Active monitoring

Actively monitors your systems to find threats, vulnerabilities and cyber attacks early.


We warn your organisation and advise about taking countermeasures.

24/7 incident response

24/7 incident response for suspicious behaviour. Including analysis and reports.

Security specialist on location

Our security specialist visits to extensively check your IT infrastructure and advise where necessary.

SIEM solution

The SIEM solution collects log information from the entire IT landscape and combines this data. This brings incidents to light that are not spotted by separate security solutions.

Including analysis and interactive Power BI reports.

Awareness as a Service

2 Phishings simulations, Class-based training and Continuous E-learning.

*Excluding (possible) licencing costs, SIEM logging costs (Total Plus) and Awareness as a Service costs (Extra).


Total Plus

Active monitoring Active monitoring
Warning Warning
Security Operations Center Security Operations Center
Threat protection & monitoring 24/7 Threat protection & monitoring 24/7
Patch status advice Patch status advice
Monthly reports Monthly reports
Implementation by Networking4all Implementation by Networking4all
Vulnerability management Vulnerability management
Endpoint protection Endpoint protection
Endpoint detection & response Endpoint detection & response
Network analyzer Network analyzer
Honeypot Honeypot
SIEM-solution SIEM-solution
Security specialist on location
once per year
Security specialist on location
twice per year
Included limited use pass 5 hours Included limited use pass 10 hours
Specialised consultancy
via limited use pass
Specialised consultancy
Incident response 8/5
or 24/7 via limited use pass
Incident response 24/7
via limited use pass
Monitoring Price per month*
€10,- per client/server
Monitoring Price per month*
€15,- per client/server
One-time implementation cost
One-time implementation cost

Extra | Awareness as a Service

2 Phishing Simulations 2 Phishing Simulations
Class-based Training Class-based Training
Continuous awareness E-learning Continuous awareness E-learning
Monitoring Price per month*
€12,50- per client/server
instead of €10,-
Monitoring Price per month*
€12,50- per client/server
instead of €15,-

Implementation & Management

We take care of the implementation and manage the suppliers’ dashboards. When you want to make changes in one of our detection measures after implementation, this is not included in management and can be done via the limited use pass. You can buy extra hours (ahead of time) via the limited use pass for more favourable rates, which lowers the hourly rate.

24/7 monitoring

We monitor your infrastructure 24/7 for possible threats. Via the warnings that we receive, we are immediately notified of anomalies in your infrastructure. If the situation requires, we will contact you in a timely manner to judge the anomaly or remedy the attack.

Monthly reports

Security risks and incidents are reported monthly, of which the impact and chances are explained in easy-to-understand language. A management report can also be delivered. Based on this, you can decide to take action for the long term.

Response time & Incident response

In the case of high/critical security risks and incidents, we respond with a treatment plan, depending on the risk. We respond within 1 hour to critical risks and within 2 hours to high risks. Other security risks are treated the next working day, where we will check beforehand whether it is a false positive or not.

In critical cases we will, according to the agreement, take action immediately as part of the incident response. Incident response is charged by the hour. You can buy hours ahead of time via our limited use pass for more favourable rates, which lowers the hourly rate.

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