Networking4all Class-based Training

Employees are explained in an understandable language where the dangers and risks lie. They are made aware of the vulnerabilities and risks of human error and will be able to understand their responsibilities more easily. Those present are made aware of their important role.

We handle every theme as a case. During the training, we regularly ask interactive questions that participants can answer with their smartphones. This way, they are challenged to actively think along with the various themes. Awareness is made understandable but especially made more fun.

The sessions are available both online and on location. We offer two types of sessions:


A keynote of about 1 hour for a maximum of 100 participants. This is ideal to use on a theme day, or as an introduction for a security awareness journey.

Class-based training

A class-based training of about 2 hours for a maximum of 25 participants. Besides receiving information, employees will also actively think along about information security and privacy.

Class-based training for management

The training is organised in an accessible way by experienced security specialists. The focus is specifically on business risks and the policymakers. It provides a clear image of how cyber crime can influence the management and why security aware handling and training of employees is vital in order to support the information security and awareness strategy. The themes below are handled at management level. It contains a combination of best practices and how much this is adopted into your mangement.

The themes we always cover are:

Email attachments
Social engineering
Strong passwords
Working from home
Internet and cloud
Safely mobile
Final quiz

The themes are adjustable to your desires and can be supplemented. Perhaps there is a specific event you would like to cover during the training. This is no problem; the training is done to fit your needs. We do this in practical and theoretical ways that are immediately applicable, including private situations.


Class-based (management) training, online or on location. Max 25 participants per session.
Keynote. Max 100 participants per session.

1 training: € 995 ex VAT
2 pieces of training: € 1.750 ex VAT
3 pieces of training: € 2.550 ex VAT

Privacy Box

Optional: Privacy Box, the perfect business gift for your security awareness journey.

From the point of view of “Security Awareness”, we offer a tangible addition to the eLearning and class-based training: the Networking4All Privacy Box.

The Privacy Box has been printed with the Networking4all logo and is adjustable to your own style for no extra costs. The Privacy Box consists of the following 3 products, including the information pamphlet with explanations:

• Webcam Cover
• RFID Blocking Card
• USB Data Blocker

More information about the Privacy Box can be foundhere.

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