Awareness as a Service

The goal of Awareness as a Service is to increase awareness among the employees regarding information security by providing your organisation with security awareness activities for a full year. We have assembled a complete package with targeted security awareness activities for your employees, comprised of the following program:

• Continuous Awareness E-Learning
• 2 Phishing Pro Simulations
• 1 or 2 interactive sessions depending on the number of participants; keynote or class-based (online or on location)
• Optional: Privacy Box, the perfect gift box during your awareness journey

Awareness E-learning

The E-Learning is a complete awareness training, built up from a series of short modules of about 12 minutes. With animated videos, practical examples, and tips, your employees will learn what their role and responsibilities are in the area of information security within your organisation, which leads to safer and more aware environments.


• An extensive content library with over 40 training modules, games, and knowledge tests about information security, cybersecurity, privacy and the GDPR.
• Easily create your own training programs and gain insight into the users’ progress and results.
• All content is available in 8 languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and Czech.
• Manage users.
• At least 6 new modules per year.
• Use your own style.
• The content is also available in SCORM and xAPI for integration with your own LMS.
• SSO linking is also available (Microsoft Azure, Google G Suite, SURFconext).
• Made in the Netherlands.

You will receive

• Access to all online modules
• Access to privacy and GDPR modules
• Access to newly developed modules
• Access to the platform or integration in your own LMS
• Awareness posters and cartoons

Phishing Simulation

The phishing simulations provide insight into how often employees open phishing emails and whether they click through on URLs and attachments. Besides that, a phishing simulation is perfect to create awareness. Do your employees recognise phishing? Are they aware of the dangers of phishing email? With a phishing simulation by Networking4all, you can both let your employees experience the dangers of phishing and test their phishing knowledge. A lapse in focus or a mistake is easily made. Financial and image damage is the result of ransomware, viruses or data leaks.

• 50% of organisations have encountered phishing in the last two years
• 30% of phishing emails are opened
• 90% of all successful cyber-attacks are the result of phishing
• Phishing emails are often indistinguishable from genuine emails (Source: Awaretrain)

Included in the Pro Phishing simulation:
• Complete custom scenario
• 200 email addresses included (€2 per extra email address)
• Spear Phishing
• Password Check
• Extended report

Interactive Session

Employees are explained in an understandable language where the dangers and risks lie. They are made aware of the vulnerabilities and risks of human error and will be able to understand their responsibilities more easily. During these sessions, users can use their smartphones to vote in order to answer questions, ask questions, or respond to statements. Sessions are available both online and on location:


A keynote of about 1 hour for a maximum of 100 participants. This is ideal to use on a theme day, or as an introduction for a security awareness journey.

Class-based training

A class-based training of about 2 hours for a maximum of 25 participants. Besides receiving information, employees will also actively think along about information security and privacy.

Cost per year


Total price
Awareness as a service

1 - 10 € 2.515,-
11 - 19 € 2.835,-
20 - 29 € 3.195,-
30 - 39 € 4.235,-
40 - 49 € 4.595,-
50 - 99 € Custom
100 - 249 € Custom

Privacy Box

From the point of view of “Security Awareness”, we also offer a tangible addition to the eLearning and class-based training: the Networking4All Privacy Box. (Not included, but optional.)

The Privacy Box has been printed with the Networking4all logo and is adjustable to your own style for no extra costs. The Privacy Box consists of the following 3 products, including the information pamphlet with explanations:

• Webcam Cover
• RFID Blocking Card
• USB Data Blocker

Here you will find more about the prices of the Privacy Box.

Networking4all Awareness E-learning | Managed Service

Manage Awareness E-Learning for your organisation
Employee onboarding + beginner's manual for (new) employees
Share and activate new modules once available
Monthly reporting & advice
Intermediate quizzes (custom) to test knowledge
Management reporting
Points that require attention based on results from subjects of the Modules
Progress per department and employee

Price Managed Service

Price per total number of users

Managed Service

10 - 49 € 99,-
50 - 99 € 149,-
100 - 249 € 199,-
250 - 499 € 249,-
500 - 4999 € 299,-
>5000 € Custom

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