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The solution for your security problems

Be confident in your security with a tailor-made security assessment.

Insight in your security

Networking4all offers multiple security services that are easy to apply to your own systems, servers and networks.

The penetration test, vulnerability assessment and red teaming service are easy to combine into a completely tailor-made security assessment that you can deploy when and where it best suits you.

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Intensive check of your security

Your systems, applications and networks will be thoroughly checked, leaving no vulnerability undetected.

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Raise awareness in your company

Create awareness around cyber security and raise security by making your employees aware of vulnerabilities and security problems.

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Overview of security leaks and problems

Create a clear overview of all discovered vulnerabilities and security problems that you can use to improve your security.

Vulnerability scan

The vulnerability scan shines a light on your network and systems to find out where the weak points lie. The automated scan checks for possible vulnerabilities such as the OWASP Top Ten and other known vulnerabilities, and analyses whether you are vulnerable for other known security problems. The findings are analysed by hand to filter out false positives, and are then gathered in a comprehensive report.

Penetration test

The penetration test works as a deep analysis of your security. Together with our security consultants, you decide on the scope of the analysis, after which they will try to exploit weak points in your network or application. All findings, including proof of the successful exploit, will then be combined into a report. Our security consultants will look at your security from the mindset of a hacker.

Red teaming

The red teaming assessment is a lifelike simulation in which your employees experience what a hacker would do to break into your system, network or application. Red teaming attacks happen in three distinct categories: technological, physical location, and social. During a red teaming assessment, our security consultants try to break in to your system and steal possibly priceless information. It's an excellent way of testing your employees and gaining insight in how they would react to a digital burglary.

Put together the ideal combination for your company
and secure your system, network or application in a way that suits you

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Security cycle

Create your own security assessment package for your organisation. Would you like to combine a vulnerability scan with a penetration test? Or combine all security services into one solution? That's all possible. Our advice is to perform regular check-ups for the best results, and spreading out the different services over the course of the year. However, the decision is completely up to you. Contact our security consultants today to discuss what your ideal security assessment would look like.

Your security comes first

Our security consultants will only perform tests on your application, system or network with your permission. As will be documented in a service arrangement, You will have full say in what parts of your system or application will be included in the assessment. You are in full control. During the assessment, any and all necessary data will be securely transmitted, stored, and deleted after the assessment is complete.

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