Red Teaming

Find the weak points, before someone else does

Put your organisation to the test with a lifelike attack and expose the weak points of your infrastructure with our Red Team.

Red Teaming

Red Teaming is a simulation that allows you to find out exactly how a hacker would operate in order to break in to your network, system or application. Our security team will look at the security of your company from three distinct angles: technological, physical location, and social.

During a Red Teaming operation, our security team will try to gain access to sensitive information that they could only have gotten from your network, or plant a flag in your systems or applications.

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Gain realistic insight in your security

Experience a realistic simulation of an attack on your network or application and gain insight in where the weak points lie.

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Assess knowledge and skills

Discover how your employees would handle security breaches and whether they can see through phishing and social engineering attacks.

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Find every back door

Learn how hackers can gain physical access to office or server locations, or manipulate employees to hand over sensitive information.

Are your corporate secrets really secret? There is only one secure way to find out.

Black box

Starting from a black box principle, our team will look at any information they can uncover about your organisation, and how much of this is valuable. This could be office locations, business contacts, your clientele or target demographic, but also who your employees are and whether any sensitive information can be uncovered about them. Even corporate secrets aren't safe: personal information about management staff, production processes, or even secret recipes could end up in the hands of our security consultants, and therefore the world.

Unique insight

Red Teaming can offer you a unique insight into the security of your organisation and infrastructure. It can uncover weak spots you never would have anticipated. With the report that our team will create for you after the Red Teaming attack has been completed, you can upgrade your security to a higher level and protect your company from real attacks.

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