Web Application Scanning

Organise your web apps and check their security with Dynamic Deep Scanning


Keep the overview

Find new and unknown web apps in your network. Organise your data and reports with your own labels.

Detect OWASP Top Ten risks

Possible malware and vulnerabilities are tracked down.

All results in one place

The results of your Qualys WAS are displayed in Qualys AssetView.

Screen Qualys Was

Insight in all your web apps

A decent-sized company will easily use dozens of web applications, so one could easily slip through the cracks. Unofficial or unknown web applications having access to your network could make your network accessible from the outside, making you susceptible to hacks. With the Qualys Web Application Scanner, you can scan your web applications and find malware or vulnerabilities. The Qualys WAS scans for the OWASP Top Ten risks, such as SQL injections or Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities. But the scans also pick up on other vulnerabilities, and can detect Zero-Day vulnerabilities thanks to behaviour analysis.

Dynamic Deep Scanning

You are in control with Qualys WAS. The optimal coverage allows you to set up what, when, and for how long a scan can run in an application. The dynamic deep scanning possibilities of the WAS check all apps in your network, including apps that are still in development. The Qualys WAS can also scan SOAP and REST API's, has scans for IoT services, and checks API's that are used for mobile devices or mobile infrastructure.

Qualys WAS scans and monitors your web applications from the cloud, meaning the search results will always be updated with the latest vulnerabilities. All findings are added to the Qualys AssetView dashboard, where they can also be managed and repaired. The dashboard also shows the impact of the findings and which finding has the highest priority.

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