Threat Protection

Your assets are immediately checked against the Live Threat Protection Feed


Keep the overview

Maintain insight into bug reports with sorted vulnerabilities, filters and tags.

Live feed

Check your assets for vulnerabilities as soon as they're discovered and stay ahead of the game.

Real-time threat indication

Make clever use of the Real-time Threat Indication by Qualys and use special widgets to stay informed on new vulnerabilities.

Screen Qualys Tp

Take quick action

Every day, countless new viruses and vulnerabilities find their way onto the internet, where they can form a threat to your infrastructure. The Threat Protection module is a live feed of all newly discovered vulnerabilities, which immediately checks whether they form a threat for your assets. Clear markings indicate if you need to take action on an asset.

Easy to combine

Threat Protection connects the information from the Live Threat Intelligence Feed to your own environment using the asset catalog in the Qualys Asset Inventory and the accuracy of Vulnerability Management. Your assets receive the attention they deserve. Vulnerability findings are immediately marked and judged on the impact they could have on your organisation, but the overview can be altered to your own preference using the filters. The extensive search function also gives you the option to directly search for vulnerabilities.

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