Continuous Monitoring

Keeps an unblinking eye on your assets, so you don't have to


Works in close concordance with Vulnerability Management

Combine these two modules for an even better coverage of your assets and respond to vulnerabilities with even more speed and precision.

Monitoring as active protection

Continuous Monitoring gives you unique insights in your security by looking at your assets from the outside, like a hacker, and marking where you might be vulnerable.

SSL expiry warnings

Let Continuous Monitoring warn you when important security policies, such as your SSL certificates, are about to expire.

Screen Qualys Cm

Fast action

Preferably, we receive warning as fast as possible when a vulnerability or security issue occurs, so that they can be solved before someone takes advantage of them. With Continuous Monitoring, this is no longer a thing of the future.

Ultimate combination

Continuous Monitoring works together with Vulnerability Management to keep a continuous eye on your assets. Thanks to the completely adjustable alerts, warnings can be sent out to different employees depending on the alert to ensure fast and adequate response whenever Continuous Monitoring detects a vulnerability or unexpected change.

Filter your overview

The special Continuous Monitoring dashboard in your Qualys Cloud Platform gives you an extensive look into your network security. With the special filters, you can filter on certificate, host name or vulnerability, and see all alerts that were sent out for that asset in a flash.

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