Networking4all Privacy Box

Make Security Awareness tangible with the Networking4all Privacy Box

From the point of view of “Security Awareness”, we offer a tangible addition to the eLearning and class-based training: the Networking4All Privacy Box.

This Privacy Box allows you to reach all your employees, rather than just the group that takes part in the security training. Make your employees more aware of threats in physical ways, which often lingers more easily. On top of that, the Privacy Box makes for a unique business gift. The Privacy Box has been printed with the Networking4all logo and is adjustable to your own style for no extra costs.

The Privacy Box consists of the following 3 products, including the information pamphlet with explanations:

Webcam Cover

A practical and elegant solution for webcam espionage. By opening and closing the slide, you decide when your webcam is available.

RFID Blocking Card

Defends all your cards against wireless skimming. Place the RFID Blocking Card in your waller to ensure no one steals your data.

USB Data Blocker

Would you like to safely charge your phone and tablet everywhere? This USB extension piece makes sure only electrical currents are allowed through. This prevents unwanted data traffic.

The privacy products are easy to use and offer various solutions against digital privacy issues. It is possible to order a free trial box with a Networking4all print.

For orders below 100 units, we supply the Privacy Box with a Networking4all design. Curious how the Privacy Box looks in your own style? Request a free design in your style (digitally). From 100 units you can order the Privacy Box in your own style.

Privacy Box

Amount Price per unit
100 €20,95
250 €12,95
500 €8,65
1.000 €7,45
2.500 €6,65
5.000 €6,25
10.000 €5,90
≥10.000 On request

With 0-100 units, we can only deliver the Networking4all design for €19,95 per box.

USB data blocker

Amount Price per unit
100 €7,55
250 €4,45
500 €3,05
1.000 €2,50
2.500 €2,15
5.000 €1,95
10.000 €1,80

All prices are including a full-colour print, including company name, where the product (RFID Blocking Card, Webcam Cover and/or USB Data Blocker) are delivered in standard white or black. If you would like a different colour, this is possible from 500 units onward. Depending on the amount, extra charges will be made. You can find the prices for a black or white product below.

RFID Blocking Card

Amount Price per unit
100 €4,05
250 €2,35
500 €1,40
1.000 €1,15
2.500 €1,35
5.000 €1,15
10.000 €1,10

Webcam Cover

Amount Price per unit
100 €3,85
250 €2,35
500 €1,90
1.000 €1,40
2.500 €1,25
5.000 €1,05
10.000 €0,99

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