Pentest rates

A pentest is executed on the base of the determined scope. The expenses will be dependent on the scope of the tested environment(s). Below you will find our Pentest hourly rate and versions of the Penetration Testing as a Service.

One time Pentest
From € 140,-

Our hourly rate is 140 euro excl. VAT. After completion of the test, you can choose to execute the same scope on a later time to validate your improvements. You get a 25% discount on this pentest.

Three strategies


The ethical hacker has 100% knowledge of the application. For example, they are familiar with the server situation and in possession of login credentials.


The ethical hacker has 50% prior knowledge. Only the scope is known.


The ethical hacker has 0% prior knowledge. The pentest is executed as an attacker.

Pentest boxen

Pentest subscription

Besides the standard pentest, we also offer PTaaS. PTaaS is a pentest in the form of a subscription. A pentest will be performed several times a year. This can be of interest to clients who would like to have regular pentests executed on their digital environment. And especially for customers who offer B2B solutions, as some of your potential customers can ask you for a proof of pentests before starting doing business.

Benefits of a pentest subscription

• Hand over a pentest report immediately
• Shorter recovery cycli
• Dynamic reports
• Faster detection and installation of software updates
• Spread payment instead of a large amount at once

Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

PTaaS is a 1-year service subscription that we offer in 3 options:

• 6 times / year
• 4 times / year
• 2 times / year

The monthly fee is based on the scope. The regular rate is used for the first pentest, followed by a 25% discount for subsequent pentests.

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