Commission a pentest

A pentest tests one or more computer systems for vulnerabilities. With an extensive report our ethical hackers will expose possible vulnerabilities.

An extensive test

Experience, as they say, is the best teacher. Therefore, the best way to determine how much damage a hacker can do is simple: get hacked. Our security experts can offer this experience without putting your data in true danger.

The penetration test probes your systems, networks and applications for both the level and amount of security, but also offers the option to test the awareness and knowledge of online security practices and good habits. This test can be performed remotely or on location. When you want to test your employees for awareness, for example through phishing, it will be performed remotely, but if you also want your office networks to be checked, our security consultants will pay you a visit in person.

Clear and practical advice

All findings will be summarised for you in a clear and neat report.

Test vulnerabilities

Any findings will be checked to make sure whether they are malicious.

Thinking like a hacker

Our security consultants know very well how someone would abuse a vulnerability in your network or application.

Extensive analysis

The vulnerability scan is used as a basis for an extensive scan of your system.

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