Penetration tests

Get hacked by the experts

Extensive test

Experience, so they say, is the best teacher. That's why the best way to determine the damage a hacker could do is, simply put: get hacked. Our security experts can give you this experience without your data ever being in any danger.

The penetration test probes your systems, networks and applications for both the level and amount of security, but also offers the option to test the awareness and knowledge of online security practices and good habits. This test can be performed remotely or on location. When you want to test your employees on awareness, for example through phishing, it will be performed remotely, but if you also want your office networks to be checked, our security consultants will pay you a visit in person.

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Clear and practical advice

All findings will be summarised for you in a clear and neat report.

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Test vulnerabilities

Any findings will be checked to make sure they are malicious.

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Think like a hacker

Our security consultants know very well how someone would abuse a vulnerability in your network or application.

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Extensive analysis

The vulnerability scan is used as a basis for an extensive scan of your system.

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Robbery by appointment

Together with our team, you decide on the scope of the assessment. Depending on your wishes and expectations, our security consultants can perform the test on location. After the test has been completed, you will receive a comprehensive report containing exactly which vulnerabilities were found, with proof of the finding, and how they can be fixed.

Periodical assessments

A penetration test can be performed at various times, for instance when you implement a new system or application. But it can also serve as a periodical assessment to perform a preventive check of your security and strengthen it where necessary.

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