What is the Networking4all Network Analyzer?

The Networking4all Network Analyzer scans your network traffic 24/7 for malicious behavior. Real -time analysis if there is communication with malicious destinations or if the behaviour of your device is acting differently than normal so the right people who can take repressive and recovery measures will be notified.

‘A safe feeling… exactly the reason we install a burglar alarm and smoke detector. Now also available for your digital safety.’

The Network Analyzer scans the network traffic of all connected devices 27/7 and detects in real-time the threats that are not spotted by the regular preventive and defensive measures (next gen firework, anti virus, etc.) Additionally, the use of Shadow IT is also detected. The sensor (physical or virtual) is placed behind the firewall in your network. This has no effect on the performance of your network.

By analyzing the traffic based on the destination and behaviour against time, unwanted traffic can be detected immediately. Every 15 minutes, new threats are incorporated in the analyser’s systems and are compared to your network traffic. The saved metadata is also continuously scanned, which is why even the newest threats are detected.

From our experience and expertise, we know people are the weakest link. We make sure action is taken to notifications that are generated by the system during incidents. We stay connected to the relevant people within your company and deliver clear reports that are easy to explain.

What does an Analyzer do?

The Analyzer has a local sensor that sends metadata from the network to the cloud servers.Of course, every customer’s data is encrypted and protected. Real-time analysis takes place here based on all worldwide threats. You will receive immediate alarm notifications when a (potential) break-in occurs.


Real-time monitoring of your network and all connected devices
Immediate notifications during deviant behaviour
Always up to date
Active immediately



Network Analyzer Appliance Network Analyzer Appliance
24x7 realtime detection 24x7 realtime detection
Notifications via email Multi-notifications
Installation €79 Management portal
- AVG Reporting
- Free installation

Do it yourself or Networking4all Monitoring?

It is possible to manage the Network Analyzer yourself. If you have any questions, you can contact us. For extensive challenges, you can use ourcontinuous support.

HWould you rather have our security specialists set up the service, manage, inform and advise you, you can choose the Total Security Monitoring. monitoring package. This is only available in combination with the Business package.

Rates licences

Annual contract, prices per month.
Separate from additional monitoring costs

Number of employees



Up to 10 € 59,- € 99,-
Up to 50 € 99,- € 199,-
Up to 100 € 199,- € 399,-

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