Secure your devices and data

The Miradore Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution contributes to the security of devices and data, and the following of the organisation’s protocols. Simple ways to protect business data are, for example, the separation of business and personal use, the enforcing of safe passwords and screen locks, and the encryption of confidential content.

Device security with Miradore

Strong screen lock codes help protect mobile devices and data. Miradore allows you to implement a password protocol for all managed devices, so the use of passwords is not just left to the user of the device. The protocol forces the user to set up a password that matches the predefined requirements.

One of the EU requirements for data protection (GDPR) is the deletion of sensitive data from devices when these are lost or stolen. With Miradore you can remotely and selectively delete business data while leaving personal data untouched. This is useful when your business has a BYOD-protocol and both personal and business information is stored on the device.

Miradore allows for, depending on the support of the device manufacturer, the encryption of managed devices, with the permission of the users. Encryption helps protect data storage in case of theft or seizure.

Break-ins and leaks can also be prevented with automated patch management to keep devices up-to-date and safe.

Data protection on Android

With Miradore, work profiles on Android devices can create a safe container for business data that is separate from personal applications. By allowing work profiles, organisations can manage the appropriate data and applications, while leaving the users to manage all other content themselves. As manager, you control the work profiles. Work-related items are distinguished from personal applications with labels. Work containers can be managed remotely and quietly.

Work profiles are especially important if your business supports the use of personal devices (BYOD). For example, this stops work-related contact data from leaking out via private instant messaging applications.

Data protection on iOS

There are more than 90 limitations that are supported by the Apple iOS platform. Besides the limitations on applications, functionality, iCloud, and media content, the available security and privacy limitations include the prevention of deleting any content and settings, and the changing of passwords. The limitations’ configuration profiles can be applied to all Apple iOS devices that are being managed with Miradore.

For many of these security and privacy limitations it is required that the devices are set to Supervise Mode. iOS devices can be set to Supervise Mode by registering the devices with Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), which is supported by Miradore, or by signing up the devices via Apple Configurator.

The protection by Miradore for iOS devices in the Lost Mode helps securing the managed devices when it is lost or stolen. When the Lost Mode has been activated, the device will be locked and can not be used until it is found and the Lost Mode is turned off by the manager.

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